Monday, March 11, 2013

Round and Round We Go!

I don't know about everyone else, but things have been crazy at school.  Our students have been busy taking our 3rd Quarter benchmarks which means their little brains are mush by 1:00. 

So what do you do with mushy brained children for the rest of the day?

You Circle Paint!

I found this activity last year while browsing through YouTube.  I found this really cool video of this art festival and I loved how all the people at the festival contributed to this one giant piece of art.  

 So all my kiddos and I laid out a big roll of paper with paint and large brushes.  We all got on either side of the paper, played some Vitamin String Quartet, and got to circling.  My only rules were you could only draw dots, circles, or curved lines; and no pictures could be made like smiley faces or flowers.  We had a blast!  I think (as always) it turned out great!!  Next week we will mellow out with some Blue Dog art.    

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