Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Why is the Blue Dog Blue?

This week in art my students paid tribute to a famous Louisiana artist, George Rodrigue.  Since we are from Louisiana our 3rd grade social studies curriculum focuses on our culture.  I love living in Louisiana.  I love our food, the architecture, the hunting and fishing, and so much more.  One of my favorite things about living here is being close to New Orleans.  For me, it is a beautiful city to visit.  I love seeing the various artists in the French Quarter.  Over the Christmas break I had the pleasure of bringing my two sister-in-laws down there for a visit.  They had never been before and its a city you have to see.
                                                                                 Here we are strolling through the French Quarter.                                                     
 This is my little one being silly and sporting her Mardi Gras mask. 
 What would we be with Alligators and Swamp People?
 The architecture is beautiful in the city. 

 My favorite moment was when my daughter and husband spent time throwing money in the fountain.  She likes to make wishes. 

 This is my other sister-in-law enjoying the art of Mardi Gras. 

Every time I go into the city I have to stop by George Rodrigue's studio to catch a glimpse of The Blue Dog.   If I could pack up all of my 3rd grades and take them to the city I would.  But for now they will have to settle with making their own Blue Dogs.

I started the lesson by showing them videos and examples from George Rodrigue's website .
Then we drew our dogs in pencil.  Next the students painted their dogs starting with the light color.  Then we added the white and black details.  Next, we add the shadow with the dark shade and finished him off with oil pastels.  This was a fun project that the kids really enjoyed.  

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