Sunday, March 3, 2013

Keep em' Good! Reward them often.

How many of your schools follow the PBIS system?  

Well at our school our students get to "cash-in" every 2 weeks using their "Colts Cash".  Its our monopoly money system.  

 This is one of the most chaotic class interruptionsIt takes at least 30 minutes to get my third graders to count their cash and then decide what they want to purchase.  To make this experience even less of a headache I have created reward coupons so the kids can remember what they bought and they can turn them in whenever they are ready to use them.  This is the one thing I LOVE most about this system.  I don't have 21 kids doing the same thing the same day.  The coupons sort of filter back in throughout the week.  

Since Alice in Wonderland is one of my all time favorite books I designed a set of coupons to match.  The kids will surely get a kick out of the bright colors and fun letters.  You  can grab a copy from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  

  If you're not a fan of Alice in Wonderland I also made an adorable monster set!

 If you have different rewards you use in your classroom I would love to hear it.  I can also make a custom set for you too!
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